Diagnostic Paragraph

Write a one-paragraph (100-150 words) account of a well-known person.

Write about a public figure, someone you know about but don’t know personally. Briefly explain what makes this person interesting and important. Imagine that a friend has just said they never heard of this person, then explain who the person is to your friend.

You need not write about someone so famous that everyone already knows them. If I were writing this assignment, I might pick Kristin Thompson or Jonathan Ive, neither of whom are probably familiar to you. Pick someone you find interesting, someone you know a lot about already.

Do not do any research for this assignment. Your information should come from what you already know about the person. Remember that you are not writing a biography. You are trying to convey, quickly and vividly, what makes this person unique.

For this, and all your essays in this class, please use strict MLA format.

Due: Wednesday, August 29

(Your diagnostic paragraph is to help me see how much you know about writing at the start of the semester. You will not, therefore, receive a grade on this assignment.)

Page Last Updated: 22 July 2017