Essay 4—Share Your Expertise

Write a one to two page essay (250-600 words) presenting a topic on which you consider yourself an expert. Your task is to share your expertise in this area with your reader in an accessible and engaging way.

You can write on any subject, hobby, interest, or idea that you find truly interesting and about which you have extensive knowledge. Assume that your reader does not share your knowledge of or enthusiasm for your topic.

Do not write about a broad, general topic. “Sports,” “shoes,” or “science fiction” would make lousy topics for this essay. March Madness, Manolo Blahnik, or Battlestar Galactica, however, could make excellent topics. Feel free to talk with me about choosing a good topic.

Organize your essay around a thesis, a specific claim that your essay will support and develop.

You must conduct research for this paper and document your sources. You must cite at least three substantial sources. (Encyclopedias—including on-line encyclopedias like Wikipedia—do not count as substantial sources.) At least one of your sources must come from somewhere other than the internet. Follow the MLA format for documentation, including parenthetical references and a list of Works Cited.

Write your presentation in classic prose style: clear and concise, specific and engaging.

Make every word count.

Initial Draft Due: April 18
(Bring THREE copies of your essay to class.)

Revised Draft Due: May 2
(Bring your Revised Draft, your Initial Draft with my comments on it, and all the Peer Critiques you received to class in a folder.)

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