Course Portfolio

Your Course Portfolio must include ALL of the following:

  1. Self-Assessment Letter

    Write a brief (200-300 words) assessment of the work you present in your portfolio.

    Your assessment should:

    • explain how you have revised your work, focusing on major changes
    • analyze at least 2 strong points in your writing
    • analyze at least 2 specific aspects of your writing you want to improve

    Support your assessment with specific examples from your writing.

    Write your assessment in classic prose style: clear and concise, specific and engaging.

  2. Revised drafts of:

    • TWO Essays (at least ONE must include sources and a Works Cited list)
    • TWO Writing Exercises (at least ONE must include analysis of sentences)

    NB: Pick only ONE day for each of the Writing Exercises to revise.

  3. Rough drafts of:

    • All 4 Major Essays (including peer critiques)
    • Both Writing Exercises you chose to revise

Submit your portfolio in a two-pocket folder. Write your name on the front of the folder. Put the self-assessment letter and revised drafts in the right pocket and the rough drafts in the left pocket.

Due: December 9

Download: Course Portfolio

Page Last Updated: 5 November 2011