Constructed Sentences

Take each set of five words and turn them into THREE complete, grammatically correct sentences. Write a brief paragraph explaining how the words function in each constructed sentence.

Sample Words
chair pen printer purse will

Sample Sentence:

I will set the printer on the chair and get the pen out of my purse.

Sample Analysis:

“Will” works together with the verb, “set,” to form an action. “Printer” is the object of that action, which is performed by “I.” “Chair” is now part of a phrase–“upon the chair”–that tells where the action of setting occurs. “And” introduces a second action that parallels the first action in the sentence. “Pen” is the object of “get,” and the phrase “out of my purse” identifies where the pen will be gotten from.

Write a new set of THREE constructed sentences and analyses each day using the following word sets:

Day One Day Two Day Three Day Four Day Five
coffee banana even dog can
book never giraffe fall computer
set run laugh ice cool
slowly stand may quiz cough
table swing strike soon crazy

Download: Constructed Sentences

Page Last Updated: 15 August 2013