Mind Map

A Mind Map is a Brainstorming exercise designed to generate ideas for your essay.

Start with a blank page. Write down the main topic for your paper in the center and circle it. Next, just start adding ideas — the more the better.

Jot down whatever comes to mind. Try to capture each thought in just one or two words; it doesn’t have to make sense to anyone but you.

As you generate thoughts, draw branches from the main topic. For every major idea, use a branch off the center circle. For supporting ideas, try branching off from a major branch.

Your Mind Map should include everything you can think of related to your topic. You want to get lots and lots of ideas down on paper without worrying about where they go or how they fit together.

So be creative. Perhaps draw an picture for your central topic. Or use different color inks for the different branches. And remember: a mind map has no top or bottom.

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