Starting Sentences

Use each of the opening phrases to generate at least FIVE complete, grammatical sentences. Then write a general rule explaining how sentences starting with the phrase typically work.


“Even though . . .”

Sample Sentences:

Even though he felt exhausted, he went to the gym for a workout.
Even though she aced the final, she failed the class.
Even though the weather was perfect, they stayed inside all day.
Even though he had an IQ of 170, women were a mystery to him.
Even though her car broke down, she got to work on time.

Sample Rule:

An “Even though” sentence presents two events that follow one after the other, but the first event makes the second one seem surprising or unexpected.

On each day, write a set of FIVE sentences that start with the following phrases, and then write a rule that explains how this type of sentence works.

Day One Day Two Day Three Day Four Day Five
“Had I …” “Were I to …” “In spite of …” “Depending on whether …” “In the event that …”

Download: Starting Sentences

Page Last Updated: 15 August 2013