Two Messages

This writing exercise will demonstrate how rhetorical context influence a writer’s choices. (The whole assignment, which has three parts, should be no more than 500 words long.)

1: A Text Message to a Friend

Write a text message to a friend using the abbreviations, capitalization, and punctuation style you typically use for text messages. Explain that you will miss an upcoming social event (movie, football game, dance, trip to the local diner or coffee house) because you feel sick. Then ask your friend to text you during the event to schedule another get-together. (Make up details as you need them.)

2: An E-Mail Message to a Professor

Compose an e-mail message to a professor explaining that you cannot meet an assignment deadline because you are sick and asking for an extension. (Use the same sickness details from Part 1.) Create a subject line appropriate for this new context.

3: Reflection on the Two Messages

Using items 1 and 2 as evidence, explain why different rhetorical contexts caused you to make different choices in writing these two messages. You may find it helpful to refer to the Rhetorical Triangle in your reflection.

Due: Friday, January 17

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