Essay 1 Peer Critique

I. Read the draft from beginning to end. As you read, proof read. Mark any problems you notice with grammar, spelling, punctuation, or MLA format. Mark a “?” next to passages you find confusing or that might make a reader stumble. Make a check mark next to passages you find strong or interesting.

II. Write your peer critique on the reverse side of the essay’s final page. At the top of the page place the author’s name and your own name as shown:

Author: ____________________     Reviewer: ____________________

A. Briefly address the following questions:

  1. Underline the thesis statement and the topic sentence for each paragraph. Do these sentences provide a clear and accurate outline of the essay?
  2. How could the title and opening paragraph more effectively hook readers’ interest and prepare them for for the story to follow?
  3. What is the basic tension or conflict in the story? How could the author present that tension more clearly?
  4. What insight or revelation do you get from the story? How could the author make the story’s significance more memorable or powerful?
  5. Where do you find examples of specific language? Where could the essay use more concrete language?

B. Make at least TWO specific suggestions for revision.

Download: Essay 1: Peer Critique

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