Peer Critique 4

Write your peer critique on a separate page. At the top of the page place the author’s name and your own name as shown:

Author’s name: ____________________
Peer Reviewer’s name: ____________________

I. Read the draft at normal speed from beginning to end. As you read, draw a wavy line under sentences or phrases that might cause a reader to stumble, and make a check mark in the margins next to any passages you find especially strong or interesting. Mark any problems you notice with grammar, spelling, or punctuation.

II. Mark any errors you see in MLA formatting for the in-text parenthetical references and the Works Cited page.

III. Read the draft again slowly and respond to the following with brief, specific explanations on a separate page.

  1. Summarize the essay in one or two sentences.
  2. Make an outline of the essay’s organization.
  3. What original insight does the essay offer on its topic?
  4. What are the most vivid and memorable details included in the essay?
  5. Which of the four cultural critiques we have read (“Consider the Lobster,” “The Beatles Now,” “The Sound of Music,” and “Java Man”) does this essay most resemble and why?

IV. List at least three major strong points and three major weak areas of the draft.

Essay 4 Peer Critique .pdf

Essay 4 Peer Critique .doc

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