Twelfth Night (1.5.256-65)

256 OLIVIA. Why, what would you?
257 VIOLA. Make me a willow cabin at your gate
258 And call upon my soul within the house;
259 Write loyal cantons of contemned love
260 And sing them loud even in the dead of night;
261 Hallo your name to the reverberate hills
262 And make the babbling gossip of the air
263 Cry out “Olivia!” O, you should not rest
264 Between the elements of air and earth
265 But you should pity me.

What would you do about it?

I’d build myself a sad little cabin near your house, where my soul’s imprisoned. From that cabin I’d call out to my soul. I’d write sad songs about unrequited love and sing them loudly in the middle of the night. I’d shout your name to the hills and make the air echo with your name, “Olivia!” Oh, you wouldn’t be able to go anywhere without feeling sorry for me.


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