Informative Essay

Write a three- to four-page (750 to 1000 words) informative essay on a topic of your choice.

Write your essay as an informative magazine or academic article in a tone and style suitable for general readers.

Your task is to arouse your readers’ curiosity by posing an interesting question, summarizing a common or expected answer to the question and then providing new, surprising information that counters or “reverses” the common view. You imagine readers who hold a mistaken or overly narrow view of your topic; your purpose is to give them a new, surprising view.

The essay must include at least TWO sources documented in proper MLA format, with in-text, parenthetical references and a list of Works Cited. (Please note: encyclopedias — including on-line encyclopedias like Wikipedia — do not count as sources for this assignment.)

Draft Due: October 17

Bring THREE copies of your essay to class for Peer Reviews.

Revision Due: October 31

Bring your Revised Draft, your Initial Draft with my comments on it, and all the Peer Reviews you received to class in a folder with your name on the front cover.

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