Synthesis Essay Learning Logs

Writing Exercise 6: Summary Writing

Write a brief (100- to 200-word) summary of each of the articles you will use in your final essay. Make sure you frame each summary with appropriate contextual information and attributive tags. Include a list of Works Cited.

Writing Exercise 7: Rhetorical Strategies

Analyze the rhetorical strategies used in each article. You might explore how the articles handle purpose, audience, genre, angle of vision, the rhetorical triangle (logos, ethos, pathos), or use of evidence.

Writing Exercise 8: Similarities and Differences

First, identify main issues or themes in the articles. Then explore their similarities and differences.

Writing Exercise 9: Generating Ideas

In light of what you have read and thought about so far, explore your own views on the original synthesis question that has guided your exploration of the articles.

Writing Exercise 10: Your Synthesis

Reread Writing Exercises 6–9 and consider how your views on the synthesis question have evolved and emerged. Think about risky, surprising, or new views on the question that you can bring to your readers. In light of your new reading and thinking, explore what you want to say in your own voice to show the connections you have made and the new insights you have developed.

Page Last Updated: 5 November 2014