Peer Review for Essay 2

  1. Read the draft from beginning to end. As you read, proof read. Mark any problems you notice with grammar, spelling, punctuation, or MLA format.
  2. Write out your peer review on the reverse side of the essay’s final page. At the top of the page place the author’s name and your own name as shown:

Author: ____________________     Reviewer: ____________________

  1. Respond briefly to each of the following questions:
    1. TITLE & INTRODUCTION: Does the title pique your interest? Does the introduction set up the causal issue as a puzzle or a disagreement?
    2. THESIS: Underline the thesis statement. Does the thesis forecast the essay’s structure? Can you understand the argument just from reading the thesis?
    3. STRUCTURE: Underline the first sentence of each paragraph. Do the topic sentences match the thesis? Does each paragraph stay focused on its topic?
    4. ARGUMENT: Does the essay present a causal chain? multiple causes? a surprising cause? What is the argument’s weakest point?
    5. EVIDENCE: What kind of evidence does the essay use? personal experience? research? Is the evidence appropriate and adequate to the argument?
  2. Make at least TWO specific suggestions for revision.

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