Stylistic Analyses

You will write five brief analyses of Milton’s stylistic choices in his verse. Each analysis should be about 300 words.

For each analysis you should pick a few lines of Milton’s verse, focus on a particular linguistic detail (a striking use of enjambment, a surprising word choice, an arresting metaphor, a complex allusion), and offer some interesting and truthful insight into it.

Think about how Milton has shaped and arranged the language. Everything you say in your analysis should relate directly to the actual words of the text. Don’t get sidetracked; stick with the words. I am looking for fine-grained analysis, not mushy generalizations.

Although short, your analyses should not be shoddy. They should be lucidly and efficiently written, thoughtful, and intelligent. Make sure your analyses offer specific insights into Milton’s language.

I will expect more from analyses written later in the semester than from earlier ones because I anticipate that your skills in close reading will improve with practice. So I’ll become increasingly exacting in evaluating your analyses as the semester progresses.

You must post your analysis through the link on Blackboard. Your analyses are all due by the last day of class. I encourage you, however, not to wait till the last minute to submit them.

Page Last Updated: 18 January 2015