• Reichek Scholarship
    Guidelines for the Reichek Scholarship.
  • Sample Essay
    This essay is adapted from Poems, Poets, Poetry: An Introduction and Anthology 2nd edition by Helen Vendler (Bedford, 2002) pages 312-13.
  • Sample Works Cited Page
    This sample Works Cited page demonstrates the correct format for several common types of sources.
  • Flow and Unity
    These are the slides from my “Flow and Unity” presentation.


John Donne


  • Postcolonial Paragraph
    Read this paragraph after you’ve read the Introduction to The Pleasures of Reading. What do you think Alter would say about this paragraph?
  • Dracula Maps
    These maps of Europe, Transylvania, and England show significant locations mentioned in the novel.
  • Images of Whitby
    These pictures of Whitby may help you visualize the events in Dracula that take place there.
  • The Gospel of John, chapter 6
    Dr. Seward alludes to the miracle of the loaves and fishes near the end of chapter VIII. Read the version of this story from the Gospel of John, including Jesus’s dialogue with the multitude afterwards, and think about how it applies to Dracula.

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